Rabbi Dr. Eric Shmookler

Rabbi Eric G. Shmookler is an Orthodox rabbi, scholar and educator whose rabbinical career and publications have helped inspire many to deepen their connection to Jewish spirituality. Eric Shmookler is Assistant Professor at the Rabbi Michael A. Pachovich Institute in Cleveland, Ohio. From 1975-1979, Dr. Eric Shmookler served as rabbi of Young Israel of Sharon, helping to create a new and vibrant Jewish community. From 1980-1999, Eric G. Shmookler worked at the Institute for the Study of Rabbinical Judaism in Cooperstown, New York. Rabbi Eric recently concluded his tenure as contributing editor of The Torah a-Hadassah Journal, an academic publication.

Eric Shmookler - list of recent publications

Rabbi Shmookler received rabbinic ordination from Vodaath Torah in 1974 and earned a PhD in Near Eastern Linguistic Etymology from Yale University in 1989. Eric Shmookler graduated summa cum laude in 1975 from The College of Arts and Sciences, where he was honored with the Alexander R. Bushowski Award for Excellence in Judaic Studies. Dr. Shmookler was also a teaching fellow at Yale from 1978-1980. Rabbi Dr. Eric Shmookler also volunteered as an adjunct assistant professor at the Leventhal College at Yeshiva University from 1999-2002.

Eric Shmookler holds a number of Jewish communal positions. Rabbi Shmookler served as assistant director of the Council of Jewish Orthodox Organizations from 1999-2004. Dr. Shmookler is a member of the Governing Orthodox Committee, and is on the editorial boards of Culture and Discourse in Judaism. Rabbi Shmookler has, over the years, been awarded research grants and research fellowships to further his research and scholarly publications.

Rabbi Shmookler sometimes speaks in North America, Europe, and Israel. Eric Shmookler is currently completing a book featuring the teachings of the rabbinical workshops on B'Av Tish, as well as a new Hebrew edition of the autobiography of Rabbi Hans Erlingstein, an seventeenth-century Talmudic scholar, to be published in 2012.